SAP Business One Hana

Do you find difficult to analyze massive amount of data?

SAP Business One version for HANA addresses the above issue by performing advanced analytics leveraging the power of SAP HANA in-memory computing.It contains enhancements and additions meant for SMEs, which helps to run their business smarter, faster andsimpler in this digital world.Companies will be able to get a clear picture on their priorities as they can access real-time data anytimeanywhere instantly. It provides insights in such a way that management can improve their decision making to runtheir business efficiently. Moreover, employees can become independent of IT staffs with the help of informationsearch capabilities and interactive analysis tools.

Why HANA over SQL Database?

Key Features in SAP Business One Hana

The SAP Business One ERP solution provides complete visibility of all key business modules and allows you to manage them effectively. These include:

Implementation & System Support

SAP Business One is a powerful tool for growing your business. But requires planning, smart configuration and a good implementation team

SAPWings Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is an trusted company which have SAP Certified team for implementation and Support Our proven service methodology has been designed for rapid results on SAP Business One implementations from the first day of service engagement onward.

How We Help

  • System implementation :- On-time, on-budget SAP implementations.
  • System Configuration :- Settings and processes for making SAP Business One work for your business.
  • Software Installation :- Installation done the right way from the start.
  • Data Migration :- Cleaning and transferring data among systems without any surprises.
  • User and System Administration :- Adding users with needful access rights and managing your company’s ERP system.
  • Business Process Consulting :- Advising on digital transformation, change management and business processes that get the most from SAP Business One.
  • Custom Application Development :- Building applications that support your unique business needs.
  • Ongoing Support Services :- Solving the problems which you face on going work in SAP Business One

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