SAP Migrations


We also helped our customers shift their SAP applications to a global environment, update OS / DBs, simplify their repositories and a mixture of these.

For our clients we have carried out the following scenarios:
  • Physical servers switch to virtual servers (in-host and cloud)
  • Old OS (Microsoft 2003) conversion to the new OS versions (e.g. Windows 2012)
  • Migration of the data base from the original edition (MS SQL 2003) to the current version (MS SQL 2012)
  • Oracle to MS SQL Server migration for the unification of all database licenses
  • Data Switch SAP to Amazon AWS
Have you ever heard of a "SAP Migration No Surprises?"

SAP Migration of the SAP environment is a fast-track method for virtualisation and updating to DB / OS. The efficient SAP migration is predictable:

  • Plan of the project with goals, staff and schedules
  • Examination of technology and equipment for the target environment
  • Minimum code freeze window
  • Test plan for maximum test coverage
  • Comprehensive relocation of output server by Go / No-parameters
  • Support for addressing app problems during live
Want more than just a SAP Migration?

The SAP Migration is a opportunity to change and to monitor stuff. We consult with the team closely to incorporate all of this:

  • Tuning efficiency
  • Reassessment of security
  • Detection and early detection applied
  • Implement Solution Manager capabilities for landscape management

Fixed Price

We quote SAP Migration at a set price. We understand the difficulty inherent in suggesting the completion of migration at fixed rates.

  • We will be glad to have a high-level package with a fixed price quote. Speak to us about your SAP migration specifications.

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