SAP Disaster Recovery Assurance

Imagine the situation, for no specific cause, that the SAP Development server goes down on a busy morning.

Sales can’t book orders, warehousing can’t ship orders, customer service can’t offer the order status- the business stops.


The IT team has been working to get the servers running. For many reasons, the SAP Production servers can breakdown. 

SAP Output failure is due to insufficient maintenance, ignoring warning signs, hardware failure, hard disk faults, SAN problem, OS corruption. Disasters like thunderstorms, floods and earthquakes are real threats that destroy operations at the datacenter.

Business continuity needs to be maintained by a Disaster Recovery plan to reduce business losses.

SAP Disaster Recovery Assurance

  • DR strategy and approach
  • Determine the preferred datacenter or disaster recovery web storage
  • DR process implementation
  • Disaster Recovery: end-to-end demonstration, dry run, acceptance from the business
  • Monthly DR dry run for audit and readiness purposes

Timelines and Pricing

For your SAP development servers, we have a fixed price to create, execute and operate the DR process.

We then run the DR periodically to ensure the correct time to heal and rebuild from disasters.

In less than 2 months for your SAP production servers, we will incorporate and operationalize the disaster recovery cycle.

  • Please remind us about your priorities and aspirations for disaster recovery. We are pleased to give you a high-level DR plan and a fixed price quotation schedule.

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